Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Police Case "Not Traced"

I didn't expect that I ever would, but last month I did: I pieced together what happened with regard to a second set of charges against me at the close of my city ministry. Though I was not a fly on the wall -- I did not see what exchanged hands or hear who said what -- I now know this. W/O Olivier informed me that a "baseless" case had been opened against me. Baseless means that the raw material for a case simply does not exist -- nothing. He stated also that he, as investigator, came under intense pressure to criminally charge me, in spite of having -- nothing. He defused this situation in consultation with SPP Jacobs -- only then did he inform me about it. After this, I asked Col. Lento to see the docket. W/O Pool then issued a statement that the docket was "not traced" (see below). Nonetheless, half a year after W/O Pool's statement, Capt. Du Plessis let the cat out of the bag (which is the brief recording above). It was another assault case. This agrees with what Capt. Jefta told me about the first case -- also assault, also baseless -- except that in the first case I was actually charged -- on nothing. With this, the police committed a serious offence. The fact that it was done to me, a prominent minister, appears to have been driving the lunacy I have described elsewhere on this blog. I asked W/O Olivier then who had so intensely pressured him. He would not name them, but stated that they belonged to the Church, and pointed to their house -- in Green Point, on the hill. OBSERVATION: One of the persons so identified by W/O Olivier told me that I would be charged before I was charged. To put it simply, someone inside the Church knew that the police would set me up -- about three months before it happened. The photo shows Capt. Du Plessis' HQ.

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