Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Anti-Social Behaviour

When I was a youngster, I was taught that one should have sympathy with and deference to those around one. As all of us were taught, I would think. Today I often come across completely anti-social behaviour -- as if others did not exist. Here are some examples among many.
• I was standing in a queue when a woman decided she needed to reorganise her purse -- the contents of which she methodically laid out across the whole counter -- hampering all business and all customers.
• I was driving on a national road when, in the distance, a taxi pushed its way at speed up the wrong side of the road, forcing traffic to scatter or be destroyed.
• I was waiting at a petrol / gas pump, when a man decided that he needed to complete some business on his smart-phone before he moved. He held everybody up for a quarter of an hour.
OBSERVATION: Various statistics confirm this trend. For example, airlines have needed to absorb enormous costs as customers have obstructed their safe operation. In my own city, the majority of citizens have neglected regulations designed to avert a water disaster.

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