Friday, February 2, 2018

Difficult Time

It has been a difficult time for me. A major reason: my life seems in suspense as I wait on responses from publishers and agents re my new metaphysic (working title 'Everything, Briefly'). It is, after all, my magnum opus -- a project of more than thirty years. There were publishers and agents I expected to say no. By and large, I have received their nos -- and was unsurprised. But in those cases which matter, there is silence and suspense, and I need to wait another two months. OBSERVATION: The feedback I have received so far is enough for me to know that my project succeeds where it really matters -- by which I mean, succeeds as a new metaphysic, whatever else one may say about it. I have had an offer to publish, too, but not one that I expected. It came out of left field. I am waiting first on the others.


Anonymous said...

Some of the greatest Blockbusters of all time received a flurry of resounding NO's from Publishers. NO doesn't mean it isn't genius, it means the Publisher failed to see its worth.

Thomas Scarborough said...

Thank you for a welcome reminder. One interesting development lately is publishers who distinguish between commercial worth and intrinsic worth, such as Red Hat.