Saturday, March 17, 2018

Drugged Up [Part One]

This one's "just the facts". It has to do with my medication in ministry. I suffered PTSD once. After that, I generally took a maintenance dose of Thaden (the smallest dose) each day -- if that. Now after my wife died in January 2011, the "Church Doctor", Dr. Mike Nicholas, checked on me every so many months for depression -- first with the Hamilton rating, then with the Zung rating. I scored "no depression" every time without exception. Then:
• As a "precaution", he said, he would double the Thaden (Thaden is generally used to treat major depressive disorder -- and a few things besides).
• Now he would phase out the Thaden, he said, and phase in Lexamil. He put me on Lexamil, too (also used to treat major depressive disorder).
• However, he did not phase out the Thaden -- he tripled it (three times the original dose). And he doubled the Lexamil.
• He further added Zolpidem (a hypnotic), and Zopax (a sedative). And there were a few ordinary things besides.
By the time I finished up with the doctor, I was on more than 3000mg of psychopharmaca each month -- one sees this on a chemist's list below (but see the next post). At the same time, rumours began to circulate in the Church that the doctor was treating me for depression. I placed these rumours on record with an attorney, then with a Church consultant. However, to take such medications as a "precaution" (one might say: without diagnosis) did not sit well with me. Here is what I did ...

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