Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Fujifilm X70

I took the photo this morning with my new Fuji X70, of an indigenous daisy-like flower (but see the leaves). The photo is unaltered. OBSERVATION: Some first impressions of the X70 camera:
• Its depth of field is much greater than the X30. One sees this in the photo. At wide aperture, not much room for error now.
• On the surface of it, a similar camera to the X30 -- but it is different conceptually. Common settings like A, S, and M are gone -- handled in a different way. More simply, I think.
• Gone is the familiar 4:3 aspect ratio. Now it's 3:2, HDTV, or square.
• The X70 performs much better in low light. It will take a photo of a room lit up with a smart-phone screen, albeit with noise.
• As with the X30, the X70 is "experimental". It permits great variation and control.
• The image quality is superb -- all the reviews agree.
• Its single colour photographs now produce a more subtle effect, more like Leica.
• And the X70 is much more compact than the old X30.

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