Thursday, April 12, 2018

Holding Visitation Hostage

This was one of the more spectacular incidents of ministry. A Church member, one Sunday -- call her A -- asked to see me, to show me some fluffy toys she was making for the Church. I said I could see her on Friday. She objected, and demanded to see me sooner. I said I couldn’t make it sooner. Now in the meantime, I had an appointment with a congregant -- call her B -- on Thursday. She wanted to make a donation to a Church fund. But A got to know that I was going to see B. Shortly before I arrived at B's home, A rang B’s doorbell, pushed her way in, opened a bottle of B's wine, and downed half of it. When I arrived, an inebriated A confronted me: “So, as soon as someone has their pen poised over a cheque, you come running! But you can’t come to see me!” B apologised, and said she hadn’t been able to stop A. As a result, our Church elders asked to see A. She refused, and handed in her resignation from membership instead.

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