Friday, April 20, 2018

Notorious Landlord

Ministry, for me, often means entering daunting situations with people. One of the more memorable events was a landlord who refused to return a large deposit to a Church member. When our member persisted, he screamed at her: "I'll mess up your pretty face!" She was incensed. She said to me: "So he'll mess up my pretty face? How? Like this? Or like this?" The landlord was in his office when I arrived, screaming at a big African man, and threatening him with violence. The man came hurtling out of the office, with the landlord in a fury behind him. I was next in the queue. I said: "I'm Rev. Scarborough." The landlord screamed: "I don't have an appointment with yoooooou!" and slammed the door so hard that its glass pane could have shattered. OBSERVATION: But our member got the deposit back. The landlord was the legendary Shlomo Bitton.

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