Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Selling The Church: Observations

I recently put up a post, without comment, on Selling the Church. The background again: I discovered the "small print" which had been attached to an agreement with a tenant of my city Church (a business interest). Here are some observations.
• The agreement offered the Church to a business interest. One doesn't do that.
• It was signed covertly, without the knowledge of the trustees, or the Church.
• We had turned down the tenant's approaches. Why did a trustee then sign?
• There was no necessity to sell the Church, or any part of it. Again, why sign?
• Supposing this was about an unzoned property. That doesn't make good sense.
• Or supposing the "small print" was signed without reading it? With millions involved?
• I showed it to two experts. Both said this was inherently prone to legal trouble.

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