Friday, May 25, 2018

A Simple Strategy

It is a simple strategy for ministry. At the beginning of strategic meetings in the Church, recount what God has done. The Bible is full of examples of the same: for instance, Nehemiah on his return to Zion (Nehemiah 2), or Peter at the Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15). In fact, if it were not about what God has done, what would make it all worth doing? The point is, however, that this approach has a profound influence on both the course of strategic meetings, and the mood -- as it did in the two examples above. OBSERVATION: Sometimes the results are instantly recognisable in a meeting. As an example, I was asked to meet with a discouraged Youth leadership -- they were overwhelmed with their task. A Youth leader, without realising it, took over the meeting from me to share enthusiastically what God had done that I had overlooked.

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