Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Fixing And Unfixing

I claim that every time a garage fixes something, it either fails to fix it, or unfixes something else. This morning I returned my car for the sixth time in a row for repairs (three garages in a row), due to failed fixes and unfixing. These were not minor issues. On four occasions, a failure to fix the cooling system could have done serious damage to the engine. One fix unfixed the hooter -- which then hooted randomly. Another fix unfixed the windscreen wipers -- which one could not then turn off. OBSERVATION: If the first garage had fulfilled its brief, there would have been one more fix at most -- perhaps none. My sixth return has now led to another unfix -- some wires on the dash have been disconnected. I shall see when the sun goes down whether it is small enough to overlook.

POSTSCRIPT: On closer inspection, most of the dash was dead. I took the car in for the seventh time in a row, but they were unable to fix their unfix. I have to book it in now for the ninth time.

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