Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Necessary Action

Recently I blogged that I had discovered a clause "Sale of Property" in an agreement between my old city Church and a business interest -- a first option. The Church stands on prime property in Cape Town's affluent Atlantic Area. This was apparently a covert agreement -- I myself as trustee and (at the time) chairperson of the Finance and Property Committee had no knowledge of it. Having this document, I had it checked by the directors of two legal firms. As best I could see, there was only one thing I should do. I lodged a formal complaint with a regulator. OBSERVATION: I would be only too happy to report that this is not the agreement it seems to be.

POSTSCRIPT: The handling of this complaint led to a heated exchange with the regulator. As a result an official, who was following the matter, referred it (I didn't expect this) to a government minister. Personally, I think the official saw corruption.

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