Thursday, May 10, 2018

Police Coverage

I did not do it for effect. I had no idea whether posts about my experiences with police would receive any interest on this blog. I uncovered my continuing interactions with them above all in the interests of safety, and to ensure that due process would not continue to be subverted. Since I last posted something in this line, the continuing story does not look good -- as best I can see. Now during my coverage of police, back-links to my blog (not the same as page-views) soared by more than one-million -- this is a public statistic that anyone can check. The number of people viewing these back-links could be, without exaggeration, millions more. This will not all have to do with my coverage of interactions with police, of course, but it is likely that much of it does. OBSERVATION: Personally, I would have thought that it makes more sense to address the issues. If there is a real problem, as there is here (one may refer to the posts), then find a real solution -- but this has not been the case. Hopefully, what I have posted would serve as some small contribution to strengthening the police and creating a better society.

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