Saturday, May 12, 2018

Radio Routers

When in the city, I have little trouble connecting to the Internet. If I do have trouble anywhere -- mostly outside the city -- I use a pre-paid radio router. But such routers dump one's money if one doesn't use them for three months. I myself have had the problem of turning on my router, without the service provider registering this. It is simple. One turns on the router, and it reports that one is out of range of communications masts. This is always the case when I visit my parents-in-law, and sometimes the case when I visit my small cottage in the country. But it is precisely then that one turns on the router. In other words, one may have turned it on several times, but one's money gets dumped for failing to, you know, use it. OBSERVATION: My fault, I know. One can do a routine check -- as I did this morning.

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