Sunday, May 6, 2018

Rumours From Nowhere

Ministers, some say, should never get into a situation alone with people, for fear of being falsely accused of something they said or did. It may do no good. Here is an example. About twenty years ago, I went to see an elderly woman, a Church member. I pressed the button on her intercom. She said abruptly: "I can't see you now." Within days, rumours circulated about how the minister had sat down in her lounge, and had spoken to her abusively, in the most awful way. The report reached the elders, who asked to talk to her -- but she refused to see them. OBSERVATION: It seems incomprehensible to me, but it happens -- and it is not disreputable people who do it. I could give several examples. But then again, every false rumour "comes from nowhere", and there are plenty of those.

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