Saturday, June 30, 2018

No To Secrecy

I recently notified the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) that Senior Public Prosecutor (SPP) David A. Jacobs withdrew a case against his own self -- after he allegedly covered police tracks in setting me up. I said he should be removed from office, and others too who were involved. This includes Detective Head Col. S.S. Reddy. Here is what happened next.
• Adv. Mzintathi of the NPA informed me essentially that I was now locked into communications with a single person.
• Ms. Bester of the NPA notified me that the disclosure of every communication was "strictly forbidden". Even "reliance" on such communication.
• The matter was referred to a nameless NPA Director. Neither they nor their office provided acknowledgement of receipt, if in fact they received it.
I thanked the NPA, however said that this had the appearance of a ban, if I entered into it. With respect, I had not acceded to that. It is of concern, too, that the NPA has revealed no interest in the evidence, where I think they should have. OBSERVATION: We shall see. The big picture is that an innocent minister found himself in the middle of this mess, which is quite serious.

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