Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Metaphysic On Target

I am writing a metaphysic, or total philosophy -- the working title of which is "Everything, Briefly". One of the world's leading philosophy authors, the writer of 50+ philosophy books, commented on my last draft:
"You have clearly achieved what you set out to prove, namely that it is possible to put together a modern metaphysic. You have done what no academic would dare to do -- namely, you have launched into a whole swathe of original thinking. It’s impressive."
However, he said that my work was too dense. Today I finished a content edit of a fresh draft, 36 chapters. I am still doing a parallel style edit -- but that is technical work, and it is fast. It looks as though I am on target to complete the latest draft this month. My goal during the last three months was two edits of 36 chapters -- two edits of each chapter every 2½ days.

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