Monday, June 25, 2018

Not The Culture

Writing this post at an inter-city bus terminal, there is the perception that the chaos in South Africa, where it occurs, is accepted as part of the culture. Take, for example, this bus terminal's Internet connection. My computer reports that it is "malicious". Or the parking space. It is tiny and besieged -- compared with the vastness of the terminal. The buses may run hours late, and be crawling with insects. The majority of ticket offices may suffer different malfunctions on the same day. And so on. Yet I just heard a comment that one often hears: "I don't know why our people can't get it right." It is not thought to be normal. OBSERVATION: By way of contrast, many things are done very well in South Africa. For example, I sought to re-register my three-wheeler recently, and it took me three minutes flat.

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