Thursday, June 21, 2018

Police Assault

With respect, I am posting a brief recording of a police Shift Commander -- here apologising to me for assaulting me (he has a heavy South African accent) -- after he threw me against a wall. I was insisting on a case number, in a case that went badly wrong. I asked to see him after he had calmed down -- this is when I recorded this. I recorded the assault, too, but my recording device (under cover) failed at the start of the assault. OBSERVATION: Even after this assault, there have been gross violations of procedure. Among other things, police handed the docket to one of those I brought charges against -- Senior Prosecutor David A. Jacobs -- who then personally quashed it. The charges against him were for covering police tracks -- now he covered his own tracks.

POSTSCRIPT: Brigadier Hansia Hansraj assumed personal responsibility for the case -- which, sadly, has been marked by truly wayward behaviour all the way through. I have asked that the people responsible be removed from office. Thanks to GroundUp for the photo of the police station.

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