Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Salaries Without Details

I attended a kind of Church Meeting recently. Someone asked afterwards: "Why is there only one figure in the budget for Salaries?" Why no breakdown? This was an issue in my own ministry. Here's a real example of what can go wrong with a detailed breakdown of salaries. I had a petrol allowance. People wanted to know: How much of that is personal use? How much ministry? What is personal use? What kind of ministry? Can we rearrange the ministry? Should this be a variable payment? Why not fixed? Does the minister tithe? Why not use his tithe for the petrol allowance? Should a tithe be a pure tithe? He must stop tithing. No, he must not. And so on ... OSBERVATION: In the Congregational Church, all members are executive members, so that they have the privilege of knowing everything. However over time -- for all staff -- we shifted more to a "details on request" policy, and put lump sums in budgets and statements.

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