Friday, August 10, 2018

Meeting The Maker

It seems ironic that I was taken last week in a (supposedly) supremely secure area. By comparison, the times I have not suffered harm seems quite striking. As one example, I walked through a riot with a camera, and took photos through the smoke of burning tyres -- elsewhere on this blog, with photo. Some people are safer than others, but it is no doubt true to say that no one is safe. OBSERVATION: The Christian faith has two answers to this: God has numbered the hairs on your head, and He has a loving plan for you -- something that I told my abductors last week -- but, be prepared to meet your Maker! And if it doesn't come as an external threat, it could be within. There is perhaps a third consideration: which dangers will you expose yourself to and why? These are questions that surely every minister asks himself | herself, and has to do.

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