Monday, January 25, 2010

DRC Bredasdorp

Yesterday I attended the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC, or NGK) in Bredasdorp – another thriving Church (see photo). In fact, the Church held two services side by side: “formal” and “informal”. Ds. Hough was a fearless preacher. He said we do not praise God for earthly, temporary benefits, but for higher reasons. He said: “If you are in Church for your own benefit [voorspoed] ... you are cursed by God!” OBSERVATION: Yet I was disturbed by the cultural homogeneity of this Church, in the midst of a mixed society. The reason: one cannot reap a fulness of blessing like this. I believe the priesthood of believers (which the NGK does not have) would overcome this. Click on the photo to enlarge to VGA.

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