Saturday, March 27, 2010

LM3909 Replacement

I have a four-page "spread" in next month's Everyday Practical Electronics (EPE) magazine -- previously published in Silicon Chip (SC) magazine. It's an LM3909 replacement module -- that is, it does what a very popular chip once did -- only better. However, EPE and SC broke with my original concept, by spreading it out on a 5cm by 6cm PCB. My original design (pictured) intended for the new "LM3909" be built on top of a 16-pin DIL socket -- in other words, little larger than the original. So here, for interest, is my original idea (pictured) -- but for copyright reasons, you'll need to refer to EPE or SC magazines for the details of how the circuit works. OBSERVATION: My original idea would require a little ingenuity to implement -- but no problem for an electronics engineer.

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