Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Old Friends

Through most of my ministr(ies), we have tightened membership requirements, or have kept a tight membership list. We once estimated that we had an 80% active membership, as against the average 20% (USA). Interestingly, in my first ministry, membership shrank to half, while Sunday attendance quadrupled (more or less). However, with this in mind, in what measure should one then accommodate adherents, old friends, or past staff? This question was one day brought into focus when someone we removed from a Church address list gave a generous gift to the Church. OBSERVATION: In general, I find that there is a great deal of warmth and good-will amongst people who once belonged. From experience, today, I would say: maintain a warm bond with all, forever, as far as it is possible from the Church's side. And it's not for the money, it's for the Church. I am supporting such a policy in my present Church: keep a warm bond with the whole English-speaking community.

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