Thursday, September 1, 2016

Intimidation And Terror

It is easy to say, as many people do: I am scared of nothing and nobody. Yet intimidation can creep into one's heart. I have experienced this myself. You walk in your front door. Intimidation. You open your mail. Intimidation. You start your car. Intimidation. You pick up the phone. Intimidation. Serious intimidation. And where there is intimidation on such a "global" scale, over an extended period of time, one may experience moments of terror. For me personally, it has been a hard struggle to rise above intimidation, where it worked its effect. OBSERVATION: Strangely, intimidation comes from intimidators once removed. It is accentuated where people (the intimdators to be) live under threat. And in South Africa, it is not hard to see the connection. The good news is, some very well known people both succumbed to intimidation and rose above it (see the Bible for instance).

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