Wednesday, August 31, 2016

More About Backlash

Here is some more about "leadership backlash", which I have mentioned a few times on this blog. The Church is about spiritual warfare, especially if one is in Church leadership. And if one has a sensitive heart, as surely most Church leaders do, and if one does not understand clearly that spiritual warfare and demonic attack are "normal" in the Church and surround its ministry, then one can suffer a severe negative reaction -- typically after some severe trial or  trouble in the Church is all over and gone. And this teaches us to know who we are as the Church – that we are not merely a happy community, but a people under fire from Satan who need to be prepared. If we are not prepared, we shall "take a spiritual hit", and suffer a reaction down the line. OBSERVATION: In a way, leadership backlash is a spiritual litmus test. And notice that I am here linking leadership backlash with spiritual warfare. Usually it is treated as a mere phenomenon.

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