Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Royal Lineage

On my most recent visit to my “other world”, I succeeded in discovering wife E’s lineage going back four generations, or about one-hundred years. Her great-grandparents by clan were (pggm = paternal great-grandmother, and so on):
Amakwayi (pggm)
Amakwayi (pggf)
Mqongwa (mggm)
Mqongwa (mggf)
Khoikhoi (mggm)
Mpondo (mggf)
Boer (pggm)
Boer (pggf) 
The Amakwayi apparently were a royal clan, but lost their royal status three-hundred years ago. It would seem, though, that E is a descendant of the royal house of Mpondo. With that, she has a very old family history: nearly thirty generations, or many hundreds of years. In the above list, a paternal great-grandmother is “Khoi”, which must mean “predominantly Khoikhoi”. OBSERVATION: I said to E: “You have royal blood!” She said: “Of course. I knew that all along.”

POSTSCRIPT: I need to qualify this post since. Different family members have variations of this lineage. However, what I have stated here seems correct by and large. It is the last two in particular which are questionable.

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