Monday, February 6, 2017

Before The Sunday Service

The time shortly before a Sunday service may be the time that a minister gets most deeply rattled by something. Occasionally, people will deliberately rattle a minister at that point. Therefore some ministers isolate themselves before the service, perhaps in prayer. Others will permit nothing to encroach on this time that deviates from the sedate (although something eventually will). And in some Churches, the minister is surrounded by worship before he or she steps to the fore. I myself have done none of the above. I have been involved in the rough and tumble of anything at all, before I step into the pulpit. But I have "bullet-proofed" myself, so that one can throw (almost) anything at me and it won't rattle me. OBSERVATION: This enables me to minister before a service, which seems to present a natural opportunity if one is open to it.

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