Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Church Non-Payment

My old Church gave me a huge gift of money when I left -- or so someone said. The door was therefore closed to my ever returning -- so said someone else. In fact, no. I received, as the Church Constitution requires, "reasonable compensation for services rendered". Two big sums were owed: a housing sum and a pension sum. To be sure that I was setting an example of modesty, I accepted 15% less than recommended for the housing sum (an amount recommended by a consultant the Church had hired). OBSERVATION: Take modest monthly payments over nearly twenty years (the length of my ministry), and they add up to seemingly stunning figures -- but not really, considering the length of time. Now for a problem. I myself estimated that the Church withheld 45%, or nearly half of the compensation agreed upon. Attorneys estimated that it was 40% (but said they needed an actuary). Which is many hundreds of thousands of rands, with interest rising. The amount that I relinquished for modesty's sake was R200 000. This non-payment has a major impact on my life.

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