Friday, February 3, 2017

Fees And Blessers

This one has an R rating. I took the photo at a student protest recently. The young woman's placard reads: "Must I get a blesser for my fees?" The background is the burden of student fees in South Africa, and the burden of student loans -- and a political promise that education would be free. Core issues are whether free education is possible, and whether the bar is really that high for students. A "blesser" is a "sugar daddy". OBSERVATION: As a minister, I have counselled both blessers and "blessees". Such relationships are not only about obtaining an education. In one memorable situation, the blesser ran out of money, but found he had fallen in love. There was no mercy. Not only that, but he discovered that there had been a second blesser. His blessee hadn't taken chances.

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