Thursday, April 20, 2017

‘Let Your Living Water ...’

The recordings I have put up here and on Facebook, of a Youth Choir under my ministry, have been very popular. I am putting this one up for the first time. One needs to bear in mind that these are not professional recordings, nor was it easy to co-ordinate the project in a chaotic city environment. Even so, I think we turned out some enjoyable and spiritually upbuilding music, and it was a pleasure to listen to when performed in Church. This is the well known song "Let your living water(s) flow over my soul." OBSERVATION: It was originally written by John Watson of Vinesong. The song is sung by (in this order in the video) Phakamile Nkosi, Itai Chikadaya, Peter Nighswander, Ester Sizani (my now wife), and Francis Mvenge.

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