Thursday, April 20, 2017

Signatories And Assault

Recently a bank showed me what was going on with my old Church’s finances. I was amazed as I awakened to what I saw, as the names of Church signatories scrolled up the screen in front of us. At the end of my ministry, I was assaulted by several people in my robes, in the Church vestibule. I made a statement then, but I did not bring charges against them. There were five names in my statement, which is the people who assaulted me. Now, out of five signatures or names which scrolled up the screen in the bank, four were involved in the assault(s), and the fifth had been present. Only one person who assaulted me then was not in the list of signatories. In other words, there was a near complete overlap. OBSERVATION: I could not have made it up if I tried.

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