Friday, April 7, 2017

Rendezvous Recorded

I had a very interesting morning, however I should probably not speak about it. I can speak about this much. I had a brief meeting -- of which I wanted to take away a high quality recording, for my own safety. But there were four security checks first. I put a letter in my pocket from an attorney, which set out the legality of doing this -- namely, of carrying a recording device. I made friendly conversation with security officers as I entered. My device passed through one check. I myself passed through another check. The device and I together passed through another check. And at a fourth check I was waved through. I got my recording -- however, all went well with the meeting, as far as I could tell. OBSERVATION: It might not have gone well -- and I would have felt very uncomfortable entering that meeting "unprotected". I advise people that, in our country, it is vital to record critical meetings. What people have said to me in (some) such meetings has been dangerous. Hence the caution.

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