Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Risky Visitation

In ministry, I have regularly visited people with dangerous illnesses. As my ministry progressed, these were more and more of a drug-resistant nature. For example, drug-resistant staphylococcus, drug-resistant pneumonia, and drug-resistant meningitis. And in my youth, my father's ministry exposed me directly to leprosy, TB, dysentry, and more. I was unaffected -- or little affected. In fact I know of no minister who ever was, in our own generation. Sometimes I have had to observe strict safety precautions when visiting the sick. The most memorable was having to put all my clothes in quarantine. OBSERVATION: In the past, ministers put their lives on the line, though, and many died. According to Britain Express, up to two-thirds of the clergy of England died within a single year in the mid 14th century.

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