Saturday, June 24, 2017

Editorial Feathers Fly

I co-edit a philosophy weekly, as one of three co-editors (one of whom is inactive at the moment). Recently, one of my own articles was published, on the two biggest mistakes of lingusitics (click here): Language: Two Himalayan Mistakes. My co-editor called it "narrow", "specialised", "obscure". Yesterday he commented in public (with some humour I think): "J'accuse!" which one dictionary defines as "bitter denunciation". However, I am pleased to report that the article is doing quite well, and our readership has seen an obvious boost since its publication. It is safely at the top of our Top of the Pops. OBSERVATION: In the article, I suggest a re-definition of what definitions are. My co-editor wonders whether I would define "empty" as "full". Well, yes, maybe. The article (and the comments) explain it.

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