Thursday, July 6, 2017

Abducted Student

I received a most unusual e-mail tonight. Our Church once sponsored a theological student – ostensibly the son of a governor, assassinated. In his final year, we sent him to a conference in Canada, all expenses paid. Then we received a message that he had been abducted in Canada, and bundled off against his will to France. France had an all-entry-points alert, and Interpol became involved. It seems (almost) stranger than fiction. It turned out at last, as  best we could plumb it all, that he had been selected through a Canadian social engineering project (see Francophone Immigration Express Entry). That is, it was arranged by the Canadian government -- unfortunately at our great expense. The e-mail I received is a link to an odd video of our (once) theological student, now in Edmonton, Canada. OBSERVATION: As they say: “Watch this space.” I am yet to discover what this is all about.

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