Thursday, July 6, 2017

Francis Schaeffer Book

There's a new book on the philosopher-theologian Francis Schaeffer due for publication next month (pictured) by a US academic. The title and author would seem still to be under wraps, so I have blanked them out. Nor can I vouch for it, as I don't know enough about it. My sister drew the sketch of Schaeffer which appears on the front cover. She drew it "live" by the fireside in L'Abri. OBSERVATION: I still, today, take Francis Schaeffer's writing style as exemplary. He was a visiting professor at my (then) seminary. He said that the "real battle for men is in the world of ideas". I was surely deeply influenced by his expansive thinking. I felt uneasy, however, about his own leap of faith from "devilish din" to "personality", which, well, just had to be so because it couldn't be otherwise. It is a dichotomy which is particularly evident in his bestselling The God Who Is There.

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