Friday, July 7, 2017

Leica vs. Fuji

My love affair with Leica ended last year, although, as they say, I have no bad word for them. Leica's photos are excellent -- yet that is only part of the picture. I had three Leica cameras. All three were too sensitive to the elements. I gave the first one away. The second one died, but they had no replacement parts. The third one died, but they judged that the guarantee was invalid (I bought it through an unregistered dealer), then I was quoted twice the original price to fix it. So for the first time in many years, I parted with Leica, and bought a Fuji. I thought one might be able to compare the two, but they seem like apples and oranges -- hard to compare. I think that Fuji cameras are on a par with Leica, and when my Fuji camera broke down (its SD slot failed), Fuji unquestioningly replaced (almost) the entire innards, and gave it a free overhaul.

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