Thursday, July 6, 2017

No Plan Like No Plan

I wrote something almost in passing, earlier this week, which seemed to strike a chord. Some of the most fruitful groups, projects, events, ministries, revenues in my Churches have been completely unplanned. I have joked: "There's no plan like no plan." This stands in stark contrast with Christian leadership models, which insist on a plan. I gave the example of a major project to distribute Bibles. This started with an old man who had had a small stroke -- and didn't have a Bible. Under my city ministry, we started one of the biggest Youth groups (if not the biggest) in the area, through the mistake of three small children who came to our gate -- insisting that we had a Youth. We started a dynamic Youth Choir without any planning at all. This started spontaneously on the same day that we shut down our Church Choir. I joked: "The Choir is dead. Long live the Choir." OBSERVATION: I see spiritual principles behind this. God Himself is continually taking the initiative in the Church. But not only in starting things. He may be closing things, too -- in spite of the most robust plans.

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