Friday, July 21, 2017

When Authorities Cross The Line

There is a culture in South Africa of not laying charges for offences. I think it is partly through culture, partly through the ineffectiveness of the system, partly through threats and reprisals. My property was hit yet again this week. I contacted the Prosecuting Authority and the Police Services, and said: charges are coming, against you. Not for failing to protect my property, but for committing a variety of offences while my property was repeatedly targeted. Earlier this year, the police refused charges for a hit on my property, then refused a second time. They informed me, too, that the prosecutor had removed the evidence in the case before that. It is all on record. I had reported some fairly serious things, too: again, sabotage, theft of R100 000 plus, the seizure of my personal notebooks, and so on. But really, enough is enough. I think that charges are close -- but first, I have asked them if there is something I have not understood.

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