Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Police And Protection

In this post, I reveal a clip of a conversation between me and police investigator Constable Christians of the Tableview police (apology for some noise). Why, she asks me (click ⊳ to Play), did I not get a protection order against “that lady”? “We speak of people with status,” she says -- referring to people who move in the highest echelons of our city's Democratic Party government. Due to the “status” issue, then, Captain Anirudh took over Constable Christians' investigation. Then the police sent me a rare, written instruction to obtain a protection order. OBSERVATION: “That lady” was the woman who negotiated my parting from my city Church, and controlled all documents at the time. The minister was therefore entrusted to one against whom he should be protected. I was handed to the wolves. Sea Point Evangelical Congregational Church maintains a stony silence.

POSTSCRIPT: After I received the above instruction, prosecutor's counsel took the file from police custody, for reasons unknown to the police (according to Lieutenant Colonel Nel). The police thereupon set a watch on the file, to report when it turned up again. After fourteen routine police checks, it has not (yet) turned up. If this continues, it will be as if this never existed.

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