Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Counselees Who Don't Turn Up

I have spent many, many hours waiting for counselees who didn't turn up. Here is an example. Twice I waited for an hour, for a counsellee who didin't appear. The third time, he was three-quarters of an hour late -- but by that time, I had left for my next call. Then, when my day off came around, he pleaded with the Church secretary to see me, as he was (quote) "desperate". I was unreachable by phone that day, but the secretary found a way. Someone said: “He turns up three-quarters of an hour late, on a third attempt, and still wants you to see him? He’s crazy.” OBSERVATION: While I’m not shy to say “no” to counselling, I’m also reluctant to “call it a day”. I remember a bride-to-be who only turned up for our fifth appointment. Now she is contentedly married, and I'm happy that I was patient. Usually, I wait -- and have something else to do while I'm waiting. In my experience, it was worth it. Counselees are like this, sometimes.

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