Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Answering Questions

In my minister’s Bible studies, I have taken up to half of my weekly Bible study to answer questions of the faith, from those who attend. Usually the questions are fairly straightforward, with straightforward answers. Usually I have not answered them immediately, but have promised to answer them next time. It may take me just ten minutes to prepare an answer. There is of course a keen interest in the answers, and value in the answers, and they direct the teaching to where it is wanted. OBSERVATION: Here's one example. A member of my Bible study group had read about a “racy” book called Susanna. What was this book, and why was it in the Bible? Or was it not? I said that it was recommended reading, according to the 39 Articles -- so we read it. Now we knew why it was recommended -- and we studied why it was not in the Bible.

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