Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Farewell To A Camera

Alas, another camera died. But I bought a new one, today. I shall sell the old one if I can fix it -- which is a Fuji X30. The wife points out that my cameras do not live long, even with repairs. I would estimate 20 000 30 000 shots each. They should survive 100 000. This one finally died without reason. It took some knocks, though -- the most memorable being when I photographed the inside of a riot police transport. The Fuji X30 was a very nice camera. I asked myself which was my favourite photo. If this isn't my favourite, it comes close. OBSERVATION: Justification for a new camera is not only that I love photography. Among other things, I believe a good part of the  five-million-plus back-links to this blog (not the same as page-views) has to do with the photos -- and videos, sometimes.

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