Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Secure Officers

This morning, I finally reported to the police the most recent incidents involving my car: "serious tampering" and "a thorough search". Our very professional citizens' watch since said that these were the only incidents on record, in our suburb, over that period. OBSERVATION: I laid "consolidated" charges last month, involving all incidents to my vehicles and property -- so these latest merely get added to that -- an estimated fifty incidents in all -- apart from intimidation, which would raise that figure very much higher. About the case, a senior police officer called me and asked: "Who is the investigator?" I said: "Warrant Officer Thomas." The senior officer said: "OK." Then: "I will get that docket. I'll get it through a secure officer who will hold it for me." This need not reflect badly on Warrant Officer Thomas -- depending what "secure" means. I previously blogged my reasons for charting (roughly) the progress of this case in public.

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