Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Lawyer Trumped

Apart from three posts on electronics on this blog, far and away my most popular post is Police Stop Raid-Reports. I reported there that police, up to a high level, were stopping reports of searches of my property. These incidents were recorded (legally) in HQ digital audio. Now here is something that surprises me about President Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen. It seems to me that he was caught off guard, and had the goods that the FBI were looking for. It is a naive lawyer -- particularly a president's lawyer -- who believes he can keep critical information in his home, office, or hotel room -- even if he should cleverly conceal it. In my own now rich experience, nothing escapes a ruthless search -- not even if one should hide things inside toys, under concrete, inside doorknobs, or (last week) under a carpet. OBSERVATION: Yet my critical information survives.

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