Saturday, April 14, 2018

Searched Again

I took down a post earlier in the week, as I didn't want to seem melodramatic. There was a soft entry to my car, and it was tampered with -- such that the car could have been destroyed. It seemed absurd. As though, said wife E, people were messing with one's mind. But last night, there was another soft entry. My car was searched, among other things into the air vents and under the dash. The photo shows how the search tore away the carpet, to get behind the pedals. OBSERVATION: They say it's a free country. There is already a police investigation underway, and the suspects include the police. We can add this incident as a footnote.

POSTSCRIPT: The local neighbourhood watch comments in full: "Ouch." A mechanic, checking the steering joint and brakes (pictured) said it's a drugs search. Last month, a senior detective said my troubles point to a drugs unit. A senior police officer named the unit. The unit and I did cross paths. The latest incidents in fact fit a pattern. It's the same people involved as before.

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