Thursday, April 19, 2018

Young Adults Gap

Churches often complain of a “young adults gap” in their numbers. It’s easy to work out if there is one. Say one takes ages 15-24 as the test group, which is a ten-year spread (a=10). Say a realistic spread of all ages would be 0-80 (b=80). Say the number of people in Church over a whole week is 200 (c=200). That's a / b * c = in this case, 25 people in this age group. Admittedly it's a crude calculation. OBSERVATION: One could also calculate this only for Sundays (say, c = 100). In my city ministry, we calculated that we were about two-thirds full over the ages 0-35, with about age 18 being the weakest spot. Some thought this was very good, some thought it represented failure. Relatively speaking, I think it was good. We achieved this, I believe, through the priesthood of believers (ministry by members). Young people are never too young to minister.

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