Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Encounter with a Gangster

A Church member was nursing in a hospital ward when several gang members walked in. She walked up to them and said: "Get out of my ward.” She said to me: “I had to do it. One can’t have gangs roaming the wards!” One of the gang said to her: “Lady, when you are out of this hospital ward, sooner or later you and I are going to meet, travelling on a bus. Then I’ll stick you with a knife.” Not long after that, she got onto a bus, and the same gang member was at the back of the bus. He walked towards her. She said her heart was pounding. He said: “Lady, you have quite a punchy way of putting things. Driver, I’m paying for her ticket” (it was before we had bus cards). She said, “You see! They are cowards when they are alone!”

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