Sunday, May 13, 2018

Supernatural Meeting

Yesterday I blogged about elders and deacons who left the Church -- and a quote which seemed to encapsulate the difference of opinion on their side: "The principle of the Congregational Church Meeting being able to find the 'Mind of Christ' in decision-making may sound good, but we feel that in practice it does not work. In reality a church is often made up of some unsaved people." However, this in fact misses the heart of Congregationalism. A person who really understands Congregationalism will see it. Above, I have placed a typical paragraph from a Congregational Church constitution. This speaks about the "findings" of the members. But notice that these findings are then "those which He imparts". OBSERVATION: This means that God is in the Church Meeting, imparting (making known) His will. So there is a supernatural aspect to the Congregational Church Meeting -- a revelatory, interventionist aspect. Early Congregationalists developed this doctrine in response to the question: "How do we know that we have heard from God -- and not just us?"

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