Sunday, May 13, 2018

Observations About The Chief

With respect, I today posted a recording of the Chief of Police (see The Chief of Police) for the reason that an investigation is off the tracks -- again. There are further causes for concern about that recording:
• The Chief is situated right in the middle of those being investigated: Warrant Officers, Provincial Commissioner, Senior Prosecutor ... Such a situation raises concern. It stands to reason that it is not wise -- nor is it fair to place officers in this situation -- yet this is how the police routinely do it.
• I have reason to believe that the information in the docket may now be in the hands of those who are named in the complaint. Again, this is not safe. This has not been a safe situation altogether. I do not deserve to be in it, nor do others.
• I received a threat that baseless charges would be brought against me by the police -- after this had actually happened to me. For many, this would be a frightening threat. So I again put this in public. Various incidents have continued to the present (search, tampering, anonymous calls) -- who is behind them is unknown.
• The words of Cape Town's Chief of Police, in this morning's audio, should raise the alarm: "You know, there's not a lot of trustful people in the police these days." If the Chief knows this, and is operating under such conditions, then we have a "situation" -- apart from what it means for the public.
• Again, there are clear links to my old city Church. Why? 
OBSERVATION: It is legal to record such conversations -- city attorneys kindly checked this for me. I do this only where I feel there is a risk -- I do not haphazardly record people. Further, one may place recordings in public if it is in the public interest. This is in the public interest.

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